Using Worldview Two to Help Prepare Your Life and Business

Telling the story, understanding the challenge, shaping your response

In the face of cheerleading from big corporations and government officials who do not want to acknowledge or talk about the resource limits we face, it can be hard to get good information about the scope and timing of the coming changes.  Dick Vodra’s ability to synthesize information and present it clearly makes him a good source for articles, consulting, and presentations about how you can prepare to withstand what’s ahead.  Adjusting may not be easy, but your life will be better if you start preparing early.  Most businesses assume the future will be a lot like the recent past, but they need to think about alternative scenarios that are more likely to come about.

Financial planners and other personal advisors have a special challenge and opportunity.  They are among the most trusted people that families work with, and they are trained to discuss limits and changes as their clients try to balance career goals, family issues, retirement preparation, and personal fulfillment with a limited array of financial resources and time.  The Worldview Two set of challenges should be part of that planning portfolio.  Dick Vodra, as one of the founders of the Nazrudin Project, a national think-tank of advisors that has helped create the life planning movement, is uniquely qualified to discuss how to integrate large-scale limits into a planning practice.  He is available for presentations to planning groups, as well as advising individual planners or practices.