• Because there’s an urgent need to do reasonable things.

    “Worldview” is the way we see, interpret and plan the world and our future. For over two hundred years we have lived in a world with cheap and abundant resources that led to the experience and expectation of growth and continued progress. If there were limits, we paid little attention to them. That has been what I call “Worldview One.” It was great while it lasted.

    Now it is time for “Worldview Two.” The limits being imposed by energy supplies that are harder to find and more expensive, by a climate that brings more extreme events sooner than expected, and by many other resource constraints must be placed at the center of our attention. “Growth” and “progress” will have new meanings going forward. There is a lot of work to be done.

    My goal here is to promote understanding of Worldview Two, help people plan and advise about it, and foster the exchange of new ideas for this emerging world.

Time to Change the Worldview

Whenever we make plans, there are always assumptions about how things will work, and the nature of the world we are planning into.  The usual framework is that what we’ve experienced in the recent past will be pretty much what we’ll see going forward, with some improvements along the way.   The hardest thing is to notice what’s been hiding in plain sight…  more >>

Reasonable Actions for the New World

f having a proper worldview is important for individuals, it is essential for people who give advice.  Most financial advisors (and their clients) start from the perspective that money and numbers are the most important part of the planning process.  However, among the factors that give rise to satisfaction and happiness in life, relationships, community, health, and a sense of personal control are all more important than the amount of money someone has.

Who Am I?

I’m Dick Vodra, an energy and financial planning consultant in McLean, VA.  I’ve been active in writing and speaking about Peak Oil and related issues for the past decade, and had an active financial planning practice for 27 years. To learn more, please contact me at rvodra@worldviewtwo.com.

Recently on the Worldview Two Blog

Announcing Worldview Two workshop October 9


How should we respond to the challenges of Worldview Two - climate change, peak oil, soil and ocean issues, as well as economic and community challenges?  A bunch of us are getting together in La Conner, WA (between Seattle and Vancouver BC) on October 9, 2016, to talk about this, and you're invited!  Here's a copy of a flyer so you can learn more and see how to sign up: wv2-conference-flyer-9-2-2016



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